Podcast Interview – Frederick Advice Givers

It was an honor to be interviewed on the Frederick Advice Givers podcast a few weeks ago.

Eric Verdi and the team at Frederick Advice Givers are experts at sharing stories. They have been interviewing business owners and professionals all around the Frederick area for years. Their goal is to get incredible interviews from local experts and share that information with listeners for a glimpse into the respective fields of their interviewees.

A big thanks to Eric and the team for giving me the opportunity to tell AushCo’s story. It was great working with them!

Read below for some of the highlights of our conversation.

Where is the Frederick market now? Are there a lot of places to lease and own in Frederick?

If you want to own something for your own business or company, it is a tight search, and many times it proves to be very difficult. If there are options you find, you are most likely going to have to retrofit the space to be what you want.

Leasing is a different conversation; there is a lot of opportunity to lease in Frederick. There are Downtown Frederick residential and office spaces that were built in 70’s-80’s or even spaces that were remodeled just last year.

If you are looking for a warehouse, or more of a contractor space with a yard, that will most likely prove difficult as well. They were in high demand the past few years and require a bit more time to find.

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Being a business owner and an entrepreneur, what’s the drive and motivation inside of you that keeps you going?

It’s kind of odd, but there’s an interaction between people and properties that I don’t think a lot of people realize. Everybody knows how they feel at home, when you’ve had a bad day that’s where you want to go. You just want to be home.

However, when people go to work, it’s kind of like a home during the day. So, when business owners get annoyed at the complaints of employees about loud neighbors, or leaky roofs, I don’t quite get that. It makes sense that the employees would be a bit disgruntled by those issues in their workspace, because work is their home for most of their waking hours.

I like the way that people interact with properties and how that fits and functions both from the property management side and the sales and leasing side. There’s a vibe that you get from your real estate, and you need it to work.

What is a piece of advice that you would give an entrepreneur or business owner?

Don’t try to start at the top. Learn the foundation, learn the roots, learn how the tree is supported before you want to be at the top of the tree. Learn from the bottom up.

You have to be the talent yourself for a while before you grow big enough to hire out that talent. But, after working in it yourself, you then have a better idea for how to hire and what specifically to look for in those employees.

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