Prepare your AC for the Summer Heat

Air conditioner units on a roof of industrial building with blue sky and clouds in the background.

Summer of 2016 is predicted to be brutal. It is supposed to be one of the hottest summers in recent years, so now is the time to prepare your AC for the sun-scorched road ahead.

Is It Even Your Problem?

Before you do anything, take a look at your lease. Depending on how it was written, you as the tenant may or may not be the party responsible for fixing it. The last thing you want to do is pay to fix an AC unit, then later realize that according to the lease it was not your responsibility to do so. Make sure you know your lease inside and out. It could save both your bank account and your sanity.

So, How Do I Prepare?

There are many ways to prepare your AC for the summer heat, but the first step is to bring a professional in to inspect and give it a “tune-up”. Not only will this ensure that your AC is in good shape, it will give you peace of mind knowing nothing is wrong with it that could cause it to break.

There are, however, certain things you should be doing as maintenance to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape. One of these things is to regularly have the refrigerant levels checked and fan belts adjusted or replaced as necessary. These are some of the most crucial components of the unit, and they help to keep it running at maximum efficiency. In addition to checking belts, you should make sure that the outdoor unit is clear of any debris, dust/dirt build or plants growing on it. Not paying attention to these can diminish the life of the unit and cause the need for untimely replacement of components or the entire system. There are many more things you can do to prepare your AC to make it through the summer, but these inspections are a good place to start.

If It Does Break…

If you are a landlord, you will most likely get a call from a tenant on the first really hot day of the year telling you their AC is broken. If you are the tenant you want it fixed ASAP. Do not pay for any fixes until you have checked that it is, in fact, broken. Many times, the issue is something simple; the AC may not have had time to cool down the room temperature, a door had been left open after a delivery, or the thermostat is improperly programmed.

A typical problem with programmable thermostats is that the AC is set to come on 30 minutes before the business opens and they think it’s broken when the office is still hot. In actuality, the system may need an hour or longer to bring the space back to a comfortable temperature and humidity. Instead of assuming that it’s really broken, you should check to be sure. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on service calls or replacing parts when a simple “turn it on earlier” would have solved the problem.

Remember that it is better to spend a little time now maintaining your AC than to have to replace parts or the whole thing mid-summer because something avoidable. That being said, we understand if preventative maintenance on an AC unit seems like a low priority. Leasing a property requires a million things of you, and setting aside time to prepare your AC may not be on the top of that list. That is where a property manager like AushCo comes in. Take part in all the rewards of leasing property, without all the hassle.