You Don’t Want to Manage Your New Tenant’s Fit-Out

Managine Fit Out

Managing a fit out for one of your tenets is like doing their taxes: you can do it yourself, but a professional could do it better. Just as with taxes, the professional you hire has years of experience providing this service, so they are able to do it better, faster, and they will save you money in the long run.

Many landlords or property managers are hesitant to hire outside management when doing a fit-out due to the perceived cost. They believe that hiring outside help will only result in more money being spent, and henceforth less money going into their pockets. As shown below, that is not the case. Because of the expertise that commercial construction and development firms have, they are able to save you time and therefore money.

Experience with Fit-Outs

The companies you would hire to complete your building fit-out have (hopefully) done this dozens of times. Throughout these experiences, they have figured out things like which contractors to hire, where to save money and where not to skimp, and how to get permits faster. These, alongside many other lessons learned, have enable construction and development firms to become very efficient. They make far fewer mistakes and have a tested process that guides them.

This increased efficiency leads to both time and money being saved.

Saved Time

Time saved during the fit-out is primarily due to superior planning and fewer mistakes being made. Fit-outs often drag on considerably longer than planned, and the best way to avoid this is to have an air-tight plan in place. If you have managed a fit-out before, you know there is a step-by-step process that needs to be taken. Things like the order in which the contractors do their work seems obvious until you find yourself having to tear down a wall you just had painted. This organization and foresight only comes with experience. Mistakes like these cause problems of their own. If there are oversights in the design, for example, you could spend weeks rectifying the problem.

Saved Money

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is Money”. Managing a fit-out is a prime example of this being true. Any of the aforementioned planning problems or mistakes could lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in additional costs. These are why we can confidently say that hiring a commercial construction and development firm can save you a significant amount of money. Don’t risk making a costly mistake because you don’t want to hire professionals.

At the end of the day, for these reasons and more, it is ideal to hire out some help when managing a substantial fit-out. Companies like AushCo can make the overwhelming task of fit-out management into a breeze.

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