Justin Ausherman

AushCo Founder and President

Standing on the frontlines of property management and commercial real estate solutions is Justin Ausherman, Founder and President of AushCo. Justin strategizes his company’s direction, heading up every department and serving as Broker of Record.

Since 2002, Justin has worked to develop transformational real estate solutions. Through the years, his insights into brokerage and property management conglomerated to form Frederick’s premier commercial real estate firm that streamlines property investment and management.

As a lifelong resident of Frederick, Justin has a firm grasp on market conditions, and he uses his insight to find the ideal solution that impacts his clients’ bottom line. From design to legal document review, the AushCo president ensures real estate success from start to finish.

Why I’m passionate about commercial real estate:

Commercial real estate is a business’s home. Just as people like their home to be comfortable and fit their needs, commercial real estate needs to be comfortable and beneficial to the business. There’s nothing I find more rewarding than helping building owners achieve results from their investments.

My most trying yet rewarding experience:

It took a long time to create my own company, and a lot of hard work. It took 11 years of working and learning the market and best practices to get where I am now, before I earned a reputation as a commercial real estate expert.

When I’m not working:

My wife and kids and I spend weekends in the summer at Raystown Lake. My two boys love going for boat rides and making fires in the evening. When I’m on my own time, I’m building things at home—I always have a few projects going at once.

Shelli Lewis

Senior Property Manager

Since 1994, Shelli Lewis has helped her clients and tenants in a variety of transformational ways. From developing and maintaining tenant and vendor relations to handling emergency repairs and project management, Shelli is all about service.

One overlooked responsibility in property management is financial accounting. Since clients care about their bottom line, Shelli ensures outstanding financial management that guarantees goals are met.

From lease administration to annual budget preparation and long term capital planning, AushCo knows what a client needs. As the senior property manager, Shelli makes it happen.

A typical day for me:

No two days are ever alike, and I love the variety and challenges each day brings. There are always new things to learn and new problems to solve. I am very much a people person and I enjoy the relationships I have with my clients, tenants, and vendors.

My most trying yet rewarding experience:

Emergency repairs are probably the most taxing experience of my job—after all, they are emergencies. However, these situations can also be the most rewarding in that I am able to take control of what may seem like an immeasurable task for the client or tenant, and handle on his or her behalf.

When I’m not working:

When I’m not managing properties, I enjoy gardening, especially vegetable gardens. My grandmother and I used to garden together and then can the harvested vegetables. This memory is dear to me, and I carry on her traditions in her honor. I derive great pleasure from sharing a jar of jelly or salsa with friends and family.

Josh Knight

Building Engineer

Josh has more than 10 years of experience working in maintenance and engineering of commercial properties. He is well versed in general maintenance techniques with additional education in HVAC systems, having completed an HVAC Program of Excellence with specific focus on heating and cooling system function, maintenance, and repair.

Josh enjoys the variety that every day brings with all the service tasks he’s called to do. He finds it very rewarding to be presented with a task or issue, determine the best solution, and fix it, whether that be patching walls, assessing heating/cooling issues, or simply replacing light bulbs to re-illuminate the area.

A typical day for me:

Each day is unique. On a given day, I will spend a portion of the day at large (100,000-square-foot-plus) properties monitoring the whole building HVAC systems, tending to tenant requests, and inspecting and maintaining building-wide systems and features. On another day, I may be doing building inspections, fixing door closers, replacing ceiling tiles, or painting or responding to emergency tenant requests—whatever needs to be done.

My most trying yet rewarding experience:

Most recently, I was alerted by a tenant that there was an active leak coming from the ceiling in their space. I was told there was a dripping ceiling and some wet carpet tiles in a hallway. What I found when I arrived was a bit of a larger problem. Inside an office there was water steadily flowing from the ceiling, which needed to be stopped quickly. I was able to quickly identify the issue, stop the water from leaking, contact the proper professionals, and start cleanup and drying out the flooring. Although this was not an issue on a catastrophic scale, it was urgent, and it was rewarding to have such a quick turnaround and limit the impact to the tenant and the building.

When I’m not working:

I am the proud father of three (soon to be four) beautiful children. Family is of the utmost importance, and I enjoy spending my days off with the family engaging in relaxing days at home and adventures in the many parks in the area. My hobbies include tinkering around the house with various projects and slow-pitch softball.