Buying and selling commercial real estate in Frederick both represent incredible opportunities – but they can also represent high risk and lots of hassle.

Whether you’re ready to cut costs by moving from leasing into property ownership, or you’re looking to find the ideal buyer for your property, AushCo can help you to minimize the risk and maximize the efficiency of your search.

If you’re looking to buy or sell commercial real estate in Frederick, we can help. Check out our active property listings here.

What AushCo Offers

Here’s why AushCo is a great choice when buying or selling.

Proven Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

At AushCo, we’ve spent years in commercial real estate maximizing value for our clients. We’ve navigated the industry from construction to property management to brokering, all the while successfully guiding businesses and building owners toward the commercial real estate solutions of best fit.

With understanding across industries and comprehensive knowledge of all types of commercial buildings, you can trust our proven expertise when you’re looking to buy or sell.

Deep Knowledge of the Frederick Market

Maximizing buying effectiveness or selling value means knowing the commercial real estate market on a macro level and a micro level. In-depth knowledge of the local market in the greater Frederick area is essential to identifying the best property for your needs.

At AushCo, we live and breathe Frederick commercial real estate. With an expansive network of local connections and decades of local experience, we’ve helped hundreds of people like you to utilize Frederick market knowledge to get the best value when buying or selling commercial real estate. If you’re selling, we can use our local network to help you identify ideal prospective buyers quickly. If you’re selling, we can even provide insight into properties that may not be listed online.

We know who’s interested, what’s available, the prime locations, pricing expectations, and the best times to buy or sell. Simply put, we know the Frederick market inside and out.

Customized Guidance

Don’t let the process intimidate you. Yes, the stakes of buying or selling are high – commercial real estate is an undeniably large investment. But there are good people who can help you to navigate the process. Going it alone will cause unnecessary stress, restrict your access to industry knowledge, and even end up locking you into a sale or purchase you regret.

We offer customized guidance through the buying or selling process so that you can trust you’re accessing the right knowledge and taking the right steps to get the best deal. You’ll have a person to call for everything.

And at the end, you’ll have a deal you love.

How to Get Started


Criteria Call

We’ll thoroughly review all of your needs and expectations for selling or buying a commercial property. We’ll identify timelines, ideal locations, usage, and more, to ensure that we uncover the best options for you during the search.


Review Options

Based on a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we’ll work to present the best options to help you meet your goals. If you’re buying, we’ll identify and gather the most relevant listings for you. If you’re selling, we’ll utilize our network and market your property to gather qualified buyers. In both cases, we’ll tap into our deep knowledge of Frederick commercial real estate and our expansive network of connections to bring you the best options and the perfect deal.


Guidance in Negotiation

As we narrow down your search to the commercial property or buyer that’s best for you, we’ll walk with you to guide you through the negotiation process. Based on our decades of expertise, we’ll help you navigate the back-and-forth complexities of contracts to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Take the First Step Toward Your New Commercial Property

Buying and selling commercial real estate represent incredible opportunities. Don’t let them become an incredible hassle. Make things easy. Find the perfect buyer or property by working with AushCo.

To take the first step toward the best deal, get in touch with us today.

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