AushCo’s Investment Property Solutions

AushCo exists to help investors locate, streamline, and maximize commercial property investments, and help businesses find properties to lease or buy to house their operations.

To accomplish this mission, our commercial property experts offer three core services—commercial real estate brokerage, full-service property management, and construction and development solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate investors and business owners looking for a home for their business turn to AushCo to make the commercial property search informative, profitable, and effortless.

From locating the ideal property in the Frederick area to solving complicated leasing or contract issues, AushCo works as a partner that helps you gain the greatest possible boost to your bottom line.

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Full Property Management Services

Investment properties should not create more work than they are worth. When you invest in commercial real estate, you might be surprised at the amount of maintenance requests from tenants or how time-consuming preventative maintenance, landscaping, and routine upkeep can be.

To ensure you gain maximum profits without having to deal with daily hassles, we offer full property management services that create a hands-off experience for you, and ensure your tenants’ satisfaction.

After all, your tenants are the lifeblood of your investment.

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If you’re weighing your options, have questions, struggling with tenant issues, or want to generate more profits, we are a phone call away at 240-578-4220. Or to reach us online, fill out this brief form, and someone will get back with you.