Commercial Real estate Brokerage

The Most Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investments in Frederick, Maryland

AushCo ensures that your experience with commercial real estate is profitable and effortless.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect office, medical building, or other commercial property to lease or invest in, AushCo Realty, LLC—a wholly owned subsidiary of AushCo—offers real estate brokerage services that help you navigate your options and implement solutions that work for you.

AushCo helps businesses as well as commercial real estate investors survey the market and find properties to make educated decisions that boost profits.


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Knowing the commercial real estate market takes an understanding of national and regional trends and the ability to apply it to in-depth knowledge of the local market in the greater Frederick area.

We know what’s available, the prime locations, pricing expectations, the best times to buy, and the ins and outs of leasing. Our solutions create a positive impact for businesses looking to expand and investors who want to achieve maximum returns.

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Helping Businesses and Investors Grow Their Bottom Line

From leasing issues to finding tenants, commercial real estate investments can be complicated without the help of professionals.

Whether you’re looking for a rental property or your business needs a new warehouse or workspace, AushCo has the commercial real estate agents to help you…

  1. Find the ideal investment and business properties that meet your precise criteria.
  2. Create opportunities to gain more return on investment.
  3. Grow your business—whether you are a business owner who needs new workspace, a doctor who needs a new office, or an investor who needs more profitable investment properties.
  4. Remove the hassle from finding commercial real estate, managing the property, and maximizing the value of your property.
  5. Never deal with complicated leasing loopholes, so you can concentrate on more pressing matters than paperwork.
  6. Work with design and construction experts who know how to build the ideal space that suits your needs.


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