When you lease or purchase property, it is important to maintain it properly. As an expansion of our Property Management services, AushCo also provides Property Maintenance. Property Management is the overall management of your property, where property maintenance is the physical work of performing maintenance to enhance your investment by maintaining your commercial property in a first-class, professional manner.

Our goal is to preserve your building systems’ function, capacity, and capabilities, and provide aesthetic and functional repairs so you have a smooth-running facility. Our keen attention to aesthetics and cleanliness provides the feel of a truly well-managed and maintained property.

We do not have to be your Property Manager for you to call us for Property Maintenance. Our clients include:

  1. Commercial property owners who have maintenance that needs attention
  2. Tenants who are responsible for repairs and maintenance of their space
  3. Condominium associations responsible for repairs
  4. Condominium unit owners

What AushCo Offers

We provide a comprehensive breadth of property services. We’ll meet your unique needs and ensure that your properties succeed expectations and tenants are safe, comfortable, and satisfied.

  • Mobile engineering and maintenance team for one-off services
  • Permanent on-site engineering services for daily services
  • Preventative maintenance inspection, scheduling, and coordination
  • Trash and debris removal – bulk and general
  • Maintenance inspections – creation of a maintenance inspection checklist and regularly scheduled inspections and accompanying inspection reports with action items
  • HVAC preventative maintenance and corrective repair planning and coordination
  • Light construction
  • Electrical and plumbing repairs*
  • Drywall repairs
  • Painting
  • Wall covering repairs
  • Window blind adjustment/replacement
  • Decorating – hanging/moving pictures
  • Bulk material handling
  • Door adjustments and hardware repair/replacement
  • Lightbulb and ballast replacement
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Cabinetry repairs
  • Maintenance inspections


*To provide appropriate levels of services and safety, all work requiring specialized licenses or certifications is performed by appropriate personnel. Some work may be provided by sub-contractors.

How to Get Started


Discovery Call

We’ll thoroughly review all of your needs and expectations for maintaining your space. We’ll identify timelines, tenant expectations, building type and usage, and more, to ensure that we can best serve you.


Service Selection

Based on a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we’ll present a service offering tailored to help you achieve your property goals. We’ll work with you to analyze the options of best fit.


Worry-Free Property Management

We’ll get to work, maintaining your property so that you can focus on other activities. We’ll communicate clearly and promptly as needed, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your property is maximizing its value.

Take the First Step Toward Simple Property Maintenance

Are you ready to stop stressing over the unending demands of maintaining your property? Let’s talk.

At AushCo, we make property maintenance simple. You’ll be able to have full confidence that your property is running as it should, without the pressure of making it happen yourself.

To take the first step toward simple property maintenance, get in touch with us.

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